Should We Move To Mexico, Refmex GL Glass, A Borosilicate Glass Producer, In Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Would Be More Than Adequate For My Glass Needs.

#refmex #GuadalajaraJaliscoMexicoIn my quest for ways to use my talents, upon moving to Mexico, I hit upon an idea that might have me dusting off my glass blowing chops, for something other than paraphernalia. Just don’t really want to go down the pipe maker route any more. I am, however, hell bent on being a sculptor.

As such, I started looking into the feasibility and logistics of me taking up the torch again, as part of some further sculptural pursuits. I remember the fear, of a number of glass blowers in Oregon years ago, lamenting the eventuality that Mexican glass paraphernalia might someday flood across the border, and put them out of business.

Now their paranoia isn’t really my concern, though they may be right… legalization would mean an easening of the prohibitions on import of illegal items, ie paraphernalia, and that could indeed devastate them.

No, what I am remembering, is the why… because they could get the materials, and the labor cheaper…. Well, my labor is going to be the same either way, so cheaper materials sounds great to me! And again, I aint making pipes OR bongs.. so dont ask!!

What i found is great. A manufacturer making exactly what I need, In Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. In fact, they also make things I didn’t realize I needed until I started looking thru their products.

This really opens eyes up here. Not only is glass a possibility, it seems more and more like a really good idea. Also brings into focus possible candidates for consideration for emigration. Though Ensenada may seem the front runner, given all the research dedicated to it, it certainly isn’t the only place in the running.

This certainly brings Lake Chapala or the Puerta Vallarta areas back into the equation as destinations, given their proximity to Guadalajara and the factory. To be able to go to the factory and pick up my glass personally, well… that ‘d be Titz MaGee, to me..

Not that it would be that far of a trip from Baja… it would necessitate a Ferry ride … yeah, that would be so much less than a bummer…. but it certainly wouldn’t be a weekly thing. Lake Chapala or Puerto Vallarta, well that could be a weekly trip… Oh yes it could!


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