San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Is A Hidden Gem High On Our List Of Possible Emigration Destinations

#SanFelipe #BajaBound San Felipe… a quiet little fishing village, discovered by spring breakers, snowbirds and bikers…. quite the eclectic mix. It is hidden away, on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, South andd West of the Confluence with the Colorado river., so on Baja’s peninsula. Just a couple hours from either Mexicali(North, at the border) or Ensenada (EastNortheast, on Pacific Coast).

Now this really is a goldilocks” sight. Quite a bit smaller than Ensenada, 20-25 thousand for a population as opposed to half a million in Ensenada. Which is appealing and scary at the same time. Appealing for the small town cozy feel, but scary, as a smaller place will have, by necessity, fewer job opportunities.

It is on the beach, and yet, it is on the other side of the Baja Peninsula, so somewhat of a wind, storm or tsunami break. Beach all day everyday is definately the lifestyle here. The ability for all the fishing that the Sea of Cortez offers, the whale watching, para sailing, et. Though the water may be a bit shallow for diving, you don’t have to go very far to the south.

And speaking of opportunities to the south. There are hot springs in the surf… yes, hort spring vents, in the surf, maybe 50 miles south.. Further south still and you have La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, and the rest of Baja California Del Sur.

It is also very close to one of the few places where snow might occur in Mexico. The Mountains, separating San Felipe from the Pacific coast and ensenada, the…….. do iindeed get seasonal snow, much like the area just across the border in California. Now this is not ski resort level snow… but it is, lets take a day trip to the snow, kinda snow. That is really all the kids want, or need.

As, with time and research, my ideas for side hustles and job opportunities have evolved, That worry is less pronounced. Smaller locales, provided they are in the right type of place, are absolutely on the menu again. Their staying there now depends more on being big enough for the types of services families might need, not so much employment opps. This is a beautiful thing, because san felipe was my right out of the gate choice, when we first started looking into Baja as a possibility. Happy to say, they are right back on top now.

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