If Thou Be-est Offended By The Truth…

Amazing, that a group that has told, and encoded lies, for a thousand years.. had made it law, made it truth, that slavery was legal, acceptable, Hell even commanded by god…

had encoded it into rules and law, that this lie, the superiority of one color over another, was in fact truth….

It is ridiculous now, for them to say, nay to demand I dare say,

that those who have suffered, and most assuredly, who’s ancestors have suffered from this encoding of fallacy, would now need to watch their tongues, or be careful who they might offend, with the telling of the truth? To be told one more time that dredging up the past isn’t gonna help the present?

Bull shit, it might not help YOUR present, might not help YOU in the present….. might just rock your lifeboat….

maybe it is time to rock you out of your lifeboat… you alone in that little old lifeboat, that might just hold 10? Get the fuck out christian soldier, us heathens need the boat!!

If though be-est offended by truth, please, pleaze do, remove thineself from my sight, my time line, my feed, from existance if it is in your power, I beseach thee!


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