Blew Chunks…

#blewchunks #guywalksintoabar

Guy walks into a bar, sits down, and orders three shots of whiskey, dropping a 20 on the bar. Bartender complies, pouring three shots in a row on the bar. The man says, “thank you”, then bam, bam, bam, three shots up, and three shots down.

The guy looks at the bartender, drops another 20 and says, completely blank faced, “three more bartender..”.

Bartender, though taken aback, chuckles and pours three more… and the guy does the exact same thing, bam, bam, bam, three shots up, three shots down

Looks up at the bartender, and unbelievably, drops another 20 and tells the bartender to do it again. And again, it goes three up, three down, bam, bam, bam!

Now the bartender is blown away, that was 9 shots, fast… and unbelievably, the guy gets up, tips his hat, says “good Day”,and walks out of the bar, looking sober as a judge.

Bartender chuckles, imagines what that guy is in for, then goes on about his business, tending and cleaning….

Well, that same fella comes back into the bar the next night, and collapses into his stool down at the end of the bar.

Bartender, chuckling, wanders down to his end of the bar and asks him… “how ya feelin’ today?”

Dude says… “Man, I got so hammered last night, when I got home , I blew chunks!

Bartender… “yeah, I am not surprised, had I drank as much as you did last night, I woulda got sick too… I mean, you were putting them down, man.”

“No dude, you don’t understand”, the man replied…, peeling off his hat and looking the bartender straight in the eyes….. “Chunks is my fuckin’ dog man.”

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