Higher Education And It’s Perks, In Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

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I decided, that planning for the future, also meant planning for education of my children. I mean, long term, not just 6 months of home schooling to see if we like it there, but planning, for the liklihood, that we do like it. What will be our childrens academic prospects be, if we move to mexico? What about Baja in general? Ensenada, in particular?

If we stay long term, and the kids get enrolled in a public or private school for a while, what then? What will there options be post high school? Will they have no choice but to leave home for school? Would they have to leave their country?

Now I know that Mexico’s university system is quite a good one. I am not a U.S. college’s rule snob, I know Mexico has excellent schools. Further research, shows that there is quite a collection of top notch schools there in Ensenada. Meaning, that my kids, could grow up in the shadow of halls of higher learning, and realistically have an opportunity, and a desire, to go there. There truly is something positive about growing up within the sphere of influence of a University community.

Add to that, my 7 year old, at the end of his first grade year, will be ready to start 3rd grade next fall, entirely skipping the second grade. Clearly, I am going to want the kids to have access to Universities, and university level courses, well before they are university age.

As such, these are the top tier schools i have found thus far, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.




El Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada,

Baja California. Technical and scientific, University, internationally renowned. Famous for Oceanography, Engineering etc. This place is amazing, and will be on the list of places I am sure at least one of my kids will be interested in when the time comes, whether we are living in Ensenada or not.Its facilities include eight buildings which house laboratories, classrooms, a specialized library, supercomputing equipment, connection to Internet 2, the oceanographic vessel Francisco de Ulloa, and valuable seismological and oceanographic instrumentation and a library that holds more than 40,000 volumes.[2] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensenada_Center_for_Scientific_Research_and_Higher_Education


UNIVERSIDAD XOCHICALCO. http://www.xochicalco.edu.mx/us-admissions

This one is a Private Medical School, On both sides of the border, with ties to Medical Schools at SDSU in San Diego.


Universidad Autonomous de Baja California-Ensenada

http://www.ens.uabc.mx/ Universidad Autonomous de Baja Califorona w with scrips san diego Vicerrectoría Campus Ensenada

The Ensenada campus is known for being the oceanographic research center in Mexico with its College of Marine science and its Institute for Oceanographic Research, which publishes its own international research journal. It is also located across from the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education (CICESE). The Ensenada-Tijuana Highway separates the Ensenada campus and the CICESE.



Now there seem to be a number of technical colleges, and smaller, private universities as well here in Ensenada.

So there would be plenty of educational opportunities in Ensenada, that is for sure…


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