Little Monkey Bump Sittin’ On A Reborn Tree From A Stump

#aeshnajaxx #hairlessmonkey

Look at that monkey

That hairless little ape

Sitting on a stump

mouth agape

She wonders at the world

The silly little things

Dirt and bugs and branches

A primeval joy they bring

Those little feet

Those cuter little toes

Rest on the limbs

perhaps feel it as it grows

Now That old stump

Seemingly dead.

Forlorn and decayed

Now raises it’s leafy head

Rejuvenated, reborn

Those branches grow

And they grow tall

Thru them wind blows

It protects her now

But the tree shall tempt

She will be at the top

Goofy grin, hair unkempt

The winds too blow

For the hairless

Little ape

Too soon she

Will grow as well

The wind will be wild

Will be in her hair

Like in the leaves

Beckoning to her

To fly

To jump

From that stump

And find her own way

To own the day.


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