A Reawakening To Revolution…


I think I have always been a bit of a revolutionary, even as a child. I was known for asking those, make the sunday school teacher quit kind of questions.

I have always been more Mark Twain than JRR Tolkien. More like Utah Phillips.

As a teen, we went thru a sunday school teacher a month, minimum, and yes, I was kinda the ring leader… we actually sent at least one sunday school teacher out of the room, sobbing and crying, before she could finish her lesson….

alway anti authority, always asking why?

I was raised that way, to understand the why, lest I be conned into foolish things…. get in trouble for folowing your big brother like an acolyte, and partaking in his stupidity…. well, that will square you away on that shit…

That is, if you are truly thinking about cause and effect… which I was, even as a 7 year old..

Yeah, Revolution, fighting injustice and the slapping down of bullies… those were were my General Orders, if you will.

They couldn’t brain wash them out of me, even in basic training… Man, I was always in trouble, couldn’t keep my mouth shut… those that know me may now feign surprise… yeah.. I know…

They did however, make me pretty jaded, pretty angry. Turned me into a bit of a merc, a mercenary, really. I became cold, feeling only those that could afford my skills, had any right to ask for them. I still had morals, as to what i wouldn’t do….. I just wasn’t doin shit for free anymore.

The work world over the next few decades didnt help in that regard… You put your neck out for the common good a few times, only to hget ot lopped off, with no backup from those you were fighting for… well, ya quit givin a fuck… they are on their own..

It has been children, that has finally softened this jaded old merc. My children, and the world we will leave them, has changed my perspective quite a bit. A decade ago, I was headed, comfortably, toward ovblivion. Feeling there was nothing I could really do, nor any good reason to.

But children, they seem to change everything. Ironically, for me, they have changed things back, or gone full circle. You see, i am back to being the revolutionary

Children, giving me reason to give a damn about the future of the planet, again. Children, giving me reason to fight, a reason to help, perhaps, a reason to lead. Children, reminding me why, this planet is here in the first place, and why qe should give a damn!

Viva La Revolucion!!


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