I Don’t Hate This, Daddy.

“I don’t hate this daddy”, she says, holding up her juice.

“whats that?” I say to her.

“I dont hate this…”

I look at her funny.

She says it again, “I dont…. I dont hate this.”

I repeat, playing along now “what?”

“I DONT HATE THIIISSS!!” She yells, stamping her foot… in a scary impersonation of me….

“Oh”, I say, “You Don’t hate this?”

“Yeah Daddy, I don’t hate this.” She says, nodding earnestly

“OK.. so you like it?” I query.

“No… dadddy…”

“But..” I stammer

“I dont hate this”… as she brandishes the juice.

“So You Don’t like it”, I self correct, again.

“No DADDY.. I dont HATE this…”

gleefully chugging the juice, and grinning around the mouthpiece..

“OK… OK”, I say……. and slowly back away….

So it may be something she doesnt hate… but she seems to chug it like she likes it… i will take that… she is 2…. well, 2 and a half…. I am sure she will be stressing that soon enough… god help me…


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