Car-gy.. C-orgy..


I hear a crazy racket in little sisters room. Just lots of yelling, and toys crashing together. The door is closed, so I shudder to see what kind of mayhem I have in store.

So I slowly open the door. I get it about half way open, and the noise starts to make a little more sense…. well.. kinda.. maybe…

Milo is sitting on the floor, with close to a dozen small cars, singing celebrate, and spinning the cars around like a whirlpool, or like someone mixing up dominoes on the table. All the while, singing in a loud, yet lilting voice, “cele–braate, cele–brate, celebraate, ”

just spinning cars around and around, crashing them into each other, and I swear, trying to keep the whole herd spinning….. while singing along..

Meanwhile, sister Aeshna, with her back to Milo, is also sitting on the floor, with two trucks, that she is crashing into a small pile of hotwheels. She is driving them into the pile, backing up, and smashing them forward again. She too is singing. She too, is chanting, “celebrate, celeBRATE! celeBRATE…..”, except that she is emphasizing the ‘BRATE’ with each crash of the trucks. It is like a driving rock beat on the crash, aggressive, punishing…

wait a minute… Hold on..

I think I just withessed a Car-gy,

or is it C-Orgy?

A car Orgy?

Group crash to the right, Punishment to the left?

Am I reading to much into this?

They did sound like they were sampling Kool and the Gang mashed up with AC/DC….


I am Crazy?


I should get some sleep…


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