Loreto, Baja California del Sur, Mexico

#bajabound #loretobaja

Wow! Wouldn’t Loreto be a dream come true? The Sun, the sand, the Sea of Cortez. I mean, this little place is Idylic.

There are between 18 and 21 thousand people in this beautiful little slice of magic in Mexico. So similar in size to San Felipe, it is quite a bit smaller than Ensenada or La Paz. For reference, it is North of La Paz,, on the Sea of Cortez, maybe 4, 4.5 hours drive.

It hasn’t always been such a secret though, in fact, from 1697-1777 it was the capitol of the entire region of Las Californias. Even, briefly, as capitol of both parts of Baja California, even after they were split!

There are 2 public college campuses, and a catholic one. There is not alot offered in way of degrees; education, tourism, politics… but access to a college campus, and basic curiculum for students that are already skipping grades, could be really important. Doesnt have to be a great university, just one where a high school age kid could be knocking out basic degree requirements, so as to get a jump on his college career.The islands here, are a real draw. Multiple, amazing islands await the intrepid explorer, by kayak, seems to be the preferred method. Cannot emphazize enough, how much the beach and the ocean saviors, when it comes to entertaining the kids. But will it be enough? Are there enought other things for kids to do?

Now this really frosts the donut for daddy… a Micro Brewery… Yup, craft beer too. That makes this place a real winner, at least for the biggest kid, daddy. Turns out, it is owned by a couple, one of Mexican, one of Irish, heritage. Sounds like a really neat place.


So overall, Loreto seems damn near perfect. I think, if there are concerns, they are that perhaps the population is too small, that the kids might be bored, or unhappy. The second, is affordability. From what I understand, this region of Baja California del Sur, has the highest cost of living of all of Mexico, being a place where affluent Mexicans are going to retire as of late.

That could be a problem. Hard to cut costs by moving to Mexico, if we move to a part of Mexico where the cost of living is higher than here in Arizona. We shall see


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