The Prospect Of Expat American Teenagers and Border Proximity

#bordertrouble #movingtomexico

The Prospect Of Teenagers and Border Proximity, that is a real concern here. I know I am thinking way into the future… but 6 years dioesnt sound that long to me. The oldest will be 13 in 6 years.

My concerns are thus. No matter how good your kid may be, once, at least once, they are going to get in that proverbial wrong cqar, and they are going to go do teenage stupid, somewhere out of town.

Ya have to just asume it is goiung to happen, and be pleasantly surprised if it doesnt.

That bveing said, if you move to a small toown, that, skipping school day, joyriding for a couple hours, will be the the next big town, the big city. When I was a kid, in Springfield Oregon, the 2 hour drive was Portland Oregon, and yes I didi ti… damn right, in a stolen car too… so I know what is coming to me…

So if I know this ia gonna happen, how can I set it up so i limit the amount of failure it can cause for the kid?

I know, this is deep, but… I really am not comfortable with my kids, with U.S. Citizenship, and U.S. Passports, being on a school ditch day and ending up at the border…

I mean, how might a fresh faced kid with a U.S. Passport, and the freedom to cross the border at will, be taken advantage of? What stupid teenage idea, might just ruin his life?

Nor so paranoid now, right?

So I really would rather move to a larger community, where the temptation is to go downtown, not out of town. I know, be careful what you wish for…

Couple that with the educational advantages larger cities provide, and small towns near the border will probably have to work pretty hard to win this contest.

Small towns no where near the border… well they are totally still in the game… small towns have distinct advantages… just with teenagers, ya gotta pay attention to proximal big city…. cuz it is where your kids will gravitate to…. like it or not..

So if you are gonna go for small town charm, ya better pick a place with a nearby big city that you can stand…


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