When Does Being A Douchebag Tweeker/Junkie Thief Become A Disability Claim?

Seriously…. not dissimilar to the way my mother in law has turned being an unrepentant sycophantic drunk into a disability. Into a social security check, for excessive anti social behavior.

The thief, and I mean this in the tweeked out sleazy, or resigned junkie archetypical scumbag thief kind of way……..the resigned and unrepentant, don’t set anything down around them thief, just keeps going. Like a hamster on a tread mill. Until they get enough convictions, enough repeat behavior to be diagnosed with something, anything…. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, schizophrenia…. all, quite likely, real diagnosis, but not debilitating generally, all manageable, if you want to…….

Not to say that mental illness isn’t real, oh, it is real, I know. What I am saying, is that it is actually so much more common than anyone realizes, and as such, isn’t debilitating all the time, if it was, nothing would be getting done…. ever. Thats how many people actually suffer, in real life. So clearly, it isn’t alway debilitating, hundreds of thousands of us carry on with life, slog along, dealing with it. Probably millions have gone undiagnosed, for an entire lifetime.

What I am talking about here, is how the debilitation comes from bridges burned, not mental disorder. They have been such dirtbags nobody will hire them. Not because they are mentally ill, but because they are pieces of shit, wastes of skin and drags on the collective consciousness of humanity….. that is the debilitating condition…. shitty attitude….

And for that, like my mother in law…. they can eventually weasel their way into a crazy check…… some sort of social security disability payment, for being anti social all yer mother fucking life…. fucking insane….. get it…. haha… yeah….


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