‘Blubber Like A Baby’ Worthy Gorilla Video

Did you see that video of the Gorilla mom and her newborn? Oh man, oh man…. beautiful, truly….

Now I am a big, burly, no nonsense gruff old curmudgeon, understand? I have, on numerous occasions in my life, been compared to a Silverback Gorilla myself.

But holy Crap! Watching that mother, a first time mother that zookeepers were concerned, might not have the mothering instincts reactions….. it was cry like a baby, blubber worthy, let me tell you.

To see that mother Gorilla, reach down, and bring that baby up to her face, was precious. To see her then plant gentle kisses on her baby’s lips…. Well, if you had any doubts about the soul, the capacity for love, capacity for thought, of our fellow creatures on this planet, it should be gone after watching this video.

If it doesn’t, I have to question YOUR humanity……

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