La Paz, Baja California Del Sur, Mexico, Is An Intriguing Possibility As An Immigration Destination

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La Paz. The Peace, I like the sound of that. It seams to be a beautiful place as well. Amazing beaches, lots of sea life. Of course, we have the whales that everyone comes to Baja for in the first place, right? Swimming with whale sharks, dolphins, etc.

There is boating, standup paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba and snorkeling, just to name o few of the water activities that aren’t running around in the surf.

It also has a pretty good sized Population, approximately 250,000 people, in La Paz proper, close to 300,000 for the Metro area. That is a nice sized city, not too big, not too small…. and it’s right on the beach, I mean, c’mon.

Beautifully situated on the Sea of Cortez, North of the ‘Cabos’ ,The weather will be mild to hot, with the breezes coming of the Pacific. Now, the boys would be hard pressed to find any snow at Christmas time any where near here… So that would be a sacrifice….. but I don’t think that takes La Paz off the list of possibilities, given all the plus sides it has.Speaking of plus sides. we must get to the topic of education for the kids. As I have said before, I really want access to at least community college campus, wherever we go. As I am homeschooling these kids, I will need access to the Internet, and a higherlearning facility.

Also, again, there is an advantage, as a child, to growing up in the shadows of Higher learning facilities. So If the kids can be in a city with good Universities, not just a Community college, all the better.

As luck would have it, La Paz has the three leading marine biology institutes in all of Latin America (UABCS, CIBNOR & CICIMAR) Thanx to their placement there on the Southern end of the Baja Peninsula. And there are are other colleges as well in La Paz.

Ecotourism and marine biology provide for an international community, that in addition to the multiple Universities there, will indeed make for a rich cultural upbringing for the kids , as well as a stimulating environment for mommy anf daddy as well.

So even though the costs will be higher, cost of living that is, in La Paz than other areas of Mexico, it may just be because it is worth it…..


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