Difference between Guns, and Machine Guns


Avi has been full of political questions lately, alot of political questions.

We were actually discussing the last election, and the candidates. He was discussing the mock elections they had in class. Now the boy hates Trump, alot. It is plain as day that Trump is a bully, the boy sees it, sees right through the veneer.

Now, though I wasn’t a Hilary supporter either, I fully understood how much better a choice she was than Trump. Me? I voted for Johnson. But during their little mock election, Johnson wasn’t a choice, so Avi, voted for Hilary.

When he got to how the kids debated the topic, and the candidates, he told me how the Trump kids trotted out the idea that Hilary was trying to take everyones guns….

He asked, is that true? Would she have taken your guns if she had won?”

“No, son, she wouldn’t have. I don’t have any assault rifles, buddy.”

“What is an assault weapon?” He asked.

“Well buddy, an assault weapon is like, well, like what some would call a machine gun. I don’t have any of those pal, so my guns would be fine.” I told him.

“You mean like Army machine guns?” He said, trying to wrap his head around the idea.

Yes buddy, I said, “pretty much exactly like that”

“Why do you need a machine gun? He asked

“Good question buddy, good question. I certainly don’t need one, do you?”

“No!” He replied emphatically

“Do you think anybody needs machine guns?” I asked.

I can tell he is thinking hard about this, when he answers, “Maybe policemen? Or the Army? They might need them”

I said “Exactly, if you want to own a machine gun or an assault rifle, go be a police man, or join the military, and let your skill with said firearm be used to its utmost usefulness.”

Now, he ran off to do what 7 year olds do, but he left me thinking about it..

If you want to become proficient with such a weapon, do it to help the people in your neighborhood. Not to be a ticking time bomb, ready to exucute ordinary, or worse, specific types, of citizens…

I mean, seriously, assault rifle to hunt with? Only if you are hunting humans, that is the only thing they are good for hunting with. So if you are using hunting as your excuse to own one… Then you intend to hunt humans….. There is no other explanation. You own one, in the hopes that some day, the shit will hit the fan, and you will be able to kill without consequence, that you will finally get the chance to execute those you do not like, or do not agree with.

In short, If you are intent on keeping your assault weapons, it is because you want to be a mass murderer some day…. There is no other logical reason. Oh, you can make shit up to justify it, but that is all it is, made up shit. I know the real reason…. and so do you….


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