Big Beer, Big Hair, Big Sunshine.. Lake Mead

I do miss that hair, and that hair color, lol…. getting old is a bitch…

This was out on Lake Mead… out in the areas of Lake Mead that are only accessible by boat. Kinda made Lake Mead a private lake, really only for those with boats.

Now you know this is because the Las Vegas Tourism Board doesnt want anybody leaving the casinos to go out to the lake. If ya wanna swim, do it at the hotel, as far as they are concerned.

Seriously, when I was living down there, I was shocked by the lack of publicity the lake got.

Can’t help but think gambling is why there are only 2 or three auto accassible points on the lake, to shitty little trash strewn beaches.

Get out on the lake with a boat, and there are a hundred little paradisiacal beaches, in the shadows of the canyons and inlets, all around the lake. Ya just know that gambling interests have kept there from being any real water fun development on the lake.

I know, it is National Forest Land…… but c’mon, I am from Oregon, lots of National Forest Land there… and there are plenty of access roads to the lakes within those forests…

the only logical reason for the lack around Lake Mead, is gambling interests not wanting the competition for the tourists time… Occam’s Razor, folks….


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