La Paz, Baja, Mexico Museums And Family Friendly Attractions

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As I did before with Ensenada, I thought it important to make sure that there were plenty of stimulating fun things for the kids to do… Ya know, when just running down to the beach begins to be the same old same old.

Besides, more cultural and science related things are gonig to be nrevessary for these kids. I been scratching my ahaid about avi’s, my oldest boys, ability to learn Chinese as he progresses in school. How hard, or easy is that going to be in mexico? How hard, in La Paz?. What about Japanese? Isn’t there a Japanese state/business interest in a major salt project there in Southern baja?

Lots of things to cover when it comes to education, but this little post is about fun, kid friendly day trip kind of things in La Paz.

El Coromuel Beach

Water Slides, Water Park

Now this is freaking amazing! Waterslides that plunge right into the sea, on a beach just minutes North of town! This, wow, this just takes the cake, shoulda seen the faces of my kids when I was showing them pictures! They are ready to go now!


Museo Del Ballena Y Ciencias Del Mar

This too is pretty damn cool. A pretty comprehensive museum, for the reason a good percentage of the tourists are here in the first place, the whales.

Given the fascination with all creatures that these kids have, we would be spending plenty of time here.


Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia de Baja California Sur

This may be more Daddy’s style, bit I am sure the kids would love it to. They will…. They will…. A comprehensive Anthropological and historical museum-library would be an amazing resource, in any city.


This one just a a winner of a name.. El Sepentario!

Now, I understand this may not be up to American Animal lover standards for zoo’s, butut this again where laknguage barriers may have an affect on the reviews. It seams to me, that this place is a rescue organization, with major efforts put toward rehabilitation and the returning to the wild. And, they are not very well funded. Soo… It isnt going to be the Portland or San Diego zoo… It is, however, going to be a placre to get up close and personal, with the animals and reptiles of the area. I KNOW this place would be a hit with the kids.


Biblioteca de la Historia de las Californias

This is another history museum, I believe with more emphasis on post colonial and Early statehood history. The Missions, the wars with the United states, and even the early fishing industries.



This one here, is the Public Library. An important, and integral part of any city , in my opinion. A place where, the everyday, and the extraordinary are available, any time yuou need them.


I can’t say enough how important the ability for my children to pursue education and information, to be inspired and fascinated with science and discovery, is to me, and our future. Their future. Their future. It really is, all about, their future.

La Paz, seems to have that area of concern, firmly in hand….


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