A Few More Bars/Entertainment Venues In Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.

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As Ensenada is a big city, over half a million people, it stands to reason, there is alot of nightlife. Therefore, it would be ridiculous to think that that I could get a grasp of all that is out there, even if I was there. So not being there, I am sure I am seeing but a shadow of what is available. That said, I found a few more here, that warrant further investigation, if we manage to move down there, to Ensenada.


Ultramarino, Oyster Bar

This looks like a very cool place, seems to be a farely well respected place, not quite so touristy or nightclubby, though It sounds like it gets packed. Sounds like one of the better live music venues. I found that it has a thriving Jazz rotation as well, so tis is definitely a place on my list. Dance lessons, Jazz, and did I mention that it was an Oyster bar? Yeah, siunds like a good time.




This place look s like one of those “It” places. Seems to be a pretting hopping night club, live bands, dj’s, perhaps a bit of a young crowd for crotchety old me on the daily, but I aint dead yet, i could have some fun at this joint.



Agua Mala

Another Microbrewery in Ensenada, such a good sign. This place is a little north of Ensenada, but also pretty damn close to the beach. I am thinking it will be like Rogue, in Newport… if Newport had nice weather. Menu looks pretty good as well, and being right down on the beach, but out of reach of the walkers from the Cruise ships sounds pretty damn nice. Can’t wait to sip a stout and pound a porter at this place.


Santos En El Pacifico

This looks like a funky little dive, if a bit of a hipster, bar that would be fun to check out. Eclectic decor, and diverse crowd, or so it seems anyway. Not sure about live music at this one, but the D.J.s seem to warrant praise. So this place makes the list too. It is down near the center of it all as well, so It would certaily make a good meet up, pre funk spot for sure.



Abel’s Bar

This place looks like a good old fashioned rock and roll joint. Looks like Grunge, Alternative, maybe even punk rock in the Rock and roll repetoire… Throw in a little Karaoke, for the slow nights… and you have a place I would be more than comfortable in.

and, if the descriptions are to be believed…. they are a bowling alley as well? Gotta check it out, right?



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