Dad’s Ancient Chinese Laundry Secret!

#dadjoke #buddhapressed

So I tell the kids to get off of the couch, and throw down pillows for them to sit on the floor, as the couch has alot of laundry perched up on its back, folded, but awaiting retrievel by the owner, as it were.,

They are fine with it, sitting on the pillows, by the way, Sesame STREET is on, they would sit in a puddle as long as you aren’t blocking their view..

Now as I do this, i am actually laying on half the couch myself, as my wife, in her infinite wisdom, points out…. saying, “What are you doing, you are on the couch! You are laying on laundry yourself!”

I say, “Yes, but I am laying still, not jumping around and flipping cushions, throwing laundry everywhere, like these little furniture monkeys!”

Now she, ignoring me and my explanations, continues on… “What? Are you pressing the laundry?, By laying on it?”

I answer, with mock indignance, “That’s right, I am pressing it, you guessed it, that’s the age old secret, the ancient Chinese secret!”

I jump up, gesturing and winding up this tale…

“Yup! Yessirree bobberino, that ancient Chinese laundry secret was nothing more than big fat guys, lazing about on top of your laundry, in that sweaty back room…. Like a Turkish Sauna for your clothes!”

“Yeah”, I continue. “Instead of Budapest, it’s Buddha-Pressed!!

“Hahahahahah…… ouch!”

She hit me….

I guess I should stop..

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