Aeshna Jaxx Got Tagged By A Scorpion Today

Well it happened, little sister got er first tag by a scorpion… welcome to your home state sweetheart!Tis is the culprit, thankfully not one of the Bark Scorpions… Not a good time, lets be honest, but the Bark Scorpion is bad, can be fateal.Luckily, we not only got right on treating the wound, but we caught the bugger too.Went with the old tried and true Garlic(powdered and minced, w baking soda) at the wound site.. then treated with antihistamines, constant cold compresses, with her brothers dutifully replacing them for her, while watching her like a hawk all afternoon/evening.

Really, really fortunate, she isn’t dong too bad. No respiratory issues at all, no slurring, no nada. Swelling at wound site has gone down and shrunk, wound area heating is gone. She is favoring the hand with the wound, but not complaining about it at all. If I mess with it, she reacts, gets reminded she has a booboo… but other than that, she is my cantankerous 2.5yr old


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