Trump’s Persona Patterned On Some Christopher Walken Character?

just realized, Trumps entire persona, his personality, his “resting Douchebag Face”, is a bad impression of Christopher Walken…. sorry Mr Walken, truly, I am a great admirer of your work… but its true… it is a really bad Christopher Walken impression… Like Trump obsessively watched Walken in something, early on in his Face full o’ coke days… gave him a scary persona to use, his White Pasty, “Tony Montana”…. and he has never shook it, has ridden that bad impression of a pony, all the way to the White House…….

Does that mean Alec Baldwin should be capable of an excellent, entirely horrible, Christoper Walken Impression?

Should Baldwin and Trump do a “Walken” off? Or should Baldwin and Walken do a “Trump’ off? Or maybe… Walken and Trump, doing a “Baldwin” off?

I think there is a good Saturday Night Live Sketch, or two, there…


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