Git While The Gittin’ is Good

Didn’t get caught

Like that stupid dope

Stuck in prison

With his soap on a rope

Scared to bend over

For fear of big rover

Giving him that

Mean prison bone

No didn’t get caught

Worked smarter

Not harder

Ran down every plan,

to a word to a man

Murphy’s law is a law

You must understand

Paranoia is a virtue

If it can go wrong

Bubba, It will

Unresolved What if’s

Will really kick your ass

Will land you in the joint

If they aren’t addressed

Aren’t accounted for

That is the point.

The other big factor

The other major law

The other un-allowed,

to a Successful criminal,

as a flaw Is greed, yes I know

That might not make sense

But hear me out

For just a moment

There’s a line in a song

That just might convince

That old country ballad

Kenny Rogers’,’The gambler’

Has that line about

Foldin’ and holdin’

Imploring the listener

To hold their emboldin’

And curb enthusiasm

To Have a plan

For their gold and

To think before thinkin’

For gods sakes no drinkin’

And to git

While the gittin’ is good!


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