Texan and Alaskan On The Golden Gate Bridge

A Texan and an Alaskan meet each other, while walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, of course, for the jokes sake, they meet up in the middle.

They get to talking, about the view, California, Californians, their own home states, ya know, and being from the two biggest states in the union, they get to bragging, about the scenic things back in their home states and the BIG things in their states.

As some may know, there is some good natured acrimony there, Texas, having been dethroned as the biggest state in the union, with the admission to statehood of Alaska. Some might say Texans, still haven’t gotten over it.

Now, bragging being something both of these guys seem to be good at, this conversation goes on for a while, and eventually the Alaskan mentions he need to take a piss. The Texan replies that he needs to as well. As they are in the middle of the bridge, and there isn’t a bathroom anywhere near, it doesn’t take long for them to decide to just whip it out and piss off of the bridge.

Men being men, even on a bridge, the rules apply, look forward, or up, no head turning, eyes front. Both men, thus eyes lifted upward, grunt and groan, as some men do, while they are making it rain….. eventually, the Texan, cannot resist to bragging on how big things are from Texas, one more time, and Groans out,” Ooh Wee, that water is cold down there, Damn!’

The Alaskan, without missing a beat, replies, “It sure is man, the bottom’s pretty muddy too!”


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