La Chaumette-Shumate Connections, Great Uncle Troy

Back to that great conversation that I got to have with my Great Uncle Troy Shumate, last living sibling to my Grandfather, James Earl Shumate. I got to talkto him on his 90th birthday, last Fall

I gotta say that was really cool. He was quite accepting, if a bit confused, as to whom I descended from. We spoke for a while, comparing notes on older LaChaumette history, as, sadly, he didn’t really know much about his brother, my grandfather, either. Their was quite an age spread between them, and when Great Grampa left great gramma, she went back to Oklahoma with the kids who were still home, Troy among them. James Earl was already out of the house and married.

James Earl, more like his father in temperment apparently, and Troy prety much lost contact, much the same as James Earl lost contact with all of his family. I imagine this was especially true after the death of Chester his father.

So Tony, though more than helpful, couldn’t really tell me much about James Earl… That whole, if ya cant say something nice, dont say nothing at all, thing.

He did however, give me a fescinating nugget of information I had been unaware of, a puzzle piece he had no idea he was providing.

We were talking about ancestral travels of the LaChaumettes, and how I was trying to figure out how the Chaumettes came to be in France in the first place, as the dna, being North African, had to have come there from soemwhere,. had they come thru italy, or spain, or both?

Well, while commenting how he didnt know anything about spain of italy, he did remember, being told by a grandparent, great uncle, or great aunt when he was young, that the Chaumettes had traveled to Switzerland , lived in Switzerland for some time, before they went to England and then the New World.

He didnt know that I had been researching the border region of Spain and Italy at the time, finding Chaumettes in that region, at the right time……. well, that that same region borders with switzerland too. And there is a concentration of Chaumettes on both sides of the French and Swiss borders….. And I am starting to look for names, Italian ones, that might have easily been changed to Chaumette. Seems, there may be some room for a Swiss translation too, though perhaps, that would be French, too?

This puts them in that triple border region, before Italy was even a unified country, so more than 3 borders really, so the ability to cross numerous borders, and change identities to avoid authorities, for whatever reason, in our case, the Inquisition, would be more than doable in this region.

Yeah, two steps forward, one step back… cha cha-ing through my ancestry…


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