Industrial or Production Jobs An Expat Might To Look Into In Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

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Given that I will be looking for work, barring some financial miracle, when and if we do move to Ensenada, I decided to look and see what kind of manufacturing jobs I might be qualified for in Mexico. Given the language barrier(MySpanish is good, not graet) and the legal barriers, I decided to look at companies with names that are familiar, i.e., American Companies, for lack of a better term, what with the international nature of busuiness these days.

Still, familiar names are bound to jump out at you, as you research, and those companies, are easier to ascertain what it is they actually do, what they make, due to the familiarity. Makes it easier to determine if you have a skill that they might have a use for. As such, here are the first couple of companies that jumped out at me.

——————————————————–Schlage Lock company

Allegion, the parent company of Schlage, is operating in Ensenada, Mexico. These are manufacturers of locks and knob mechanisms, for doors and what not. It seems they have a pretty good sized production facility in Ensenada. With a background in both security and production, all the way to management level in both, This might be a viable opportunity.


Fender Guitars

Fender Guitars have a large facility making their guitars and other equipment, right there in Ensenada. How cool would that be? Building guitars, while living on or near the beach in Mexico?


The Solar Power industry would be a great place to be, no matter where you were. To be working in a Green Industry, and living in a little slice of Paradise, would be pretty damn cool, right? And again, with my Production background, and my background in the glass industry, this wouldn’t be a leap.


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