Big Bamboo


Funny story. In Retirement, My parents,were going into the bamboo industry. They had planted a few acres in various bamboos, varying sizes, colors, and shapes. This was right around the time my Mom really got up to speed with that new fangled thingy called the interweb… One day, Mom had one of her Mormon church friends over to the house. They had done the tour, showing her friend all of the clumps, rows, starts, varieties and such in her bamboo field. After the tour, they went inside, to look online, at what the various bamboo varieties were going to grow into. So mom types bamboo into google and gets her list of possibilities, Since one of her bamboos is one of the largest varieties, she clicked on the title, ‘BIG BAMBOO”… Her pictures loaded…… and both ladies stumbled back out of their chairs shrieking… embarrassed, terrified, mortified shrieks….

I am sure no graphic descriptions are necessary, for you to understand what these two church lady grammas got an eyefull of.

It was NOT Bamboo…. More like Man-Boo.



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