My Poor Wife Fractured Her Ankle!

My wife Sharaya, achieved a milestone of sorts in life this week….. A fractured Ankle. It took her almost 28 years to get her very first broken bone!

She was taking some laundry out the side door of the house, headed for our laundry set up behind the house. She stepped down from the threshhold to the concrete pad, adjusted her load, and rolled her ankle stepping down to the ground from the concrete pad.

She heard it pop as she buckled completely, falling to the ground.

Now my tough little wife, starts swearing up and down it is only a sprain, a really painful one, but sh really didn’t want it to be broken. We sat her down, took a look at it, and put some ice on it. It wasn’tobviously a break, no discoloration, so we wrapped it up, and she totally Zena’d it, going to work and pulling her whole shift. She brought a stool in to sit, but she manned that cash register all night.

Things had not improved during her shift, and it was still pretty swollen. We continued the icing that night, and resolved to call the doctors office in the morning.

Now, unfortunately, they couldn’t get her in that day, so they got her in on Wednesday morning. She sent her boss pictures on Tuesday morning and her boss got back to her pretty quick. Boss told her to take that night off and let her know what the doctor says. She, my wife tried to offer to work if she couldnt get anyone, but her boss was pretty clear… she had seen the pics, and would get someone to cover her shift. Pretty cool.

Wednesday Morning she goes to the Doctor, and initially, even he thinks it’s just a really bad sprain. So he gets her her splint, her crutches, all the instructions, talks over the prescriptions, and injury restrictions and protocols, ya know.

20 mins later just as hse is getting her prescriptions and leaving the office, the doctor comes running out , glad to catch her before she left. Turns out he was looking over her x-rays again, and he found a small fracture he hadn’t seen before. So she really had broken her ankle. So, new protocols, an appointment with a specialist, and a calendar week off of that foot.

On the up side… Hooray, Mommy gets Mother’s Day off !!


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