Milo Gets Torn Up, Playing In A No-Play Zone…

These guys wont quit… Mommy breaks her ankle on Monday, now Milo attempts puncture wounds climbing around the outsides of daddy’s shop with his big brother, like they not not supposed, I might add!

Then it is compounded by some oozy, doozy, whopperific lying from big brother…. and an awful ‘catch yerself when yer busted’, lie face, tooThey were between the shop and the property line fence. Milo tried to climb in one of the windows, following his big brother Avi,, to get into my shop. He got hung up on something, freaked, and fell back between the building and the fence.they came in, and while mommy was trying to get Milo to quit wailing, I tried to get the story out of Avi. he ran down some crazy story about acciddently running hid brother over with his razor scooter! Yeah…. Then when he knew he was busted, that the lie wasn’t holding water, he said, “wait a minute, I forgot… It wasn’t that”

While he had been fumbling over his story, Milo had calmed down enough to tell the real story to mommy, and for mommy to have found the wounds. She brought Milo into the front room…. Milo told Daddy the story as best he could through the sobbing.. poor guy. I guess he got stuck there for a few minutes,before Avi get get him unhung.Making it worse, the only reason they were outside at the time was to help mommy, to get some laundry down for her. Mommy, having a fractured ankle, couldn’t go out and do it herself. They got out to the clotheslines, but the forbidden fruit, the garage, and all of dads fascinating toolds, and such, proved too much, too enticing, to resist. And I know, though this should be a lesson to them, should become a cautionary tale. But they are MY children…., it won’ be… It won’t..


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