I Swear They Dressed Themselves.

Mommy and I didn’t do this, this was not planned. This is the way they dressed themselves first thing this morning.

Now I cannot say whether Milo was copying his big brother when he got dressed. But I certainly not going to jump to that conclusion, because it really isn’t his normal M.O. He is a pretty independent fellow. In fact, if anything was planned,or copied, I would have to give big brother Avi the nod. He is more about the planning an d curating of things.

But ya know what, i think they just both wanted the same thing today… to give their Dad a heart attack by wearing Denver Bronco colors… They are trying to kill me… That, is what Occam’s razor would say, if Occam were a Raider fan.. and he would be.. c’mon, he carries a razor, of course he would Raider Nation!


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