Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe, More Than Just Wine

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Now I am NOT a big wine drinker. I am not against it, per se, just never really got into it. In fact, after an incident circa the age of 16, with red wine, it took 25 years for me to try it again. I drank white wine during that time period, just wasn’t really impressed.

Ironically, my attempt at red wine 25 yrs later, I found I quite enjoyed red wine, it wasnt bad at all. Unfortunately, I also learned that I was also , at least mildly, allergic too it! Throat started to swell a bit. Lol.. Probably explains more fully the bad experience I had at 16. Let’s just say it was a keg of red wine, and four 16 year olds with can do attitudes!

Throat swelling might very well have made all tht puking muxch less enjoyable… but I digress.. I am not a big wine drinker, now beer, Oh yes. In fact, I am a beer snob, won’t drink one I can see through. Porters, Stouts, Weizens, mmmm… Beer. That is where my beverage expertise lies, with micro brew beer…

So, if you are like me, you might want to see something other than wine while in the Guadalupe Valley. I have provided a couple of interesting cultural possibilities, that probably won’t require wine tasting….

Below these options, you will find links to some other sources for wine, and wine accessories(King of the Hill joke), from those much more capable than I.

Ensenada Russian Community Museum

This place looks really cool. Turns out the whole Baja california wine country wouldn’t be there at all but for the Russian Immigrants moving into the Guadalupe Valley back in the early 1900’s. These hardy Immigrants turned that Desert Valley intio fertile fields and amazing grapes. It was left to others to turn these grapes into wine, but there were takers, and this amazing little wine growing secret didn’t stay secret for long.

Principal 276 Valle de Guadalupe CP 22750 , Ensenada, Baja California



And now for the other end of the spectrum. These hardy individuals have been in this region of Baja california for a thousand years, probably many more. These are the Native peoples of the region, and they too, deserve some of your attention while you are in qwine country. These people too, but for them, this same wine country might not have been ready for thoe Russian immigrants to turn fruitful. These people have been the stewarsds of this land forever.

So make sure you take a moment betwen vineyards, to take in some history, and some cultural significance. Add a little culturally significant, and subtract some of the cultural appropriations….


As I promised above, below you will find a number links to articles by authors that are much better informed, and much more qualified to write about the amazing wines, wineries and restaurants in Baja’s Wine Country.,amp.html


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