Sonoran Desert Museum, My Crew


We got to go on a school fieldtrip on Monday, to the Sonoran desert Museum. Luckily for me, My Pre-k 5 yr old Milo, and my first grader going on 3rd grader Avram(Avi) were both going on this trip, As such, I took the opportunity to be a chaparone for the excursion.

Of course, my group would have my two boys, Avi and Milo. In addition, Avi’s best buddy, Marcus, a second grader joined us to round out our little quartet.After a delayed bus, and a couple hours traveling on that same bus, we arrive at the Sonoran Desert Museum.

As you can see, they are ready to get going, and i mean now… you see that little Milo scowl?the map!! We have the map..release us!!!Finally, off on our adventure!!Um.. This is NOT the Stingray touch area..Nor is this, the Stingray touch area..



Some more funny face shots from the bus ridea

Stay tuned, much more to come from the Sonoran Desert Museum


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