No Participation Trophy Here! This Is A ‘Straight A’s All Year’ Trophy!

#StraightAs #4.0 #smartypants


Look at this!! My little man got a trophy for straight A’s all four quarters. Then, while at the library, he was told he could take a book to keep. What did he grab? A book about Thomas Jefferson. Why? He said because he knew I would like the book, that it was like the science shows we watch together.

He made his book choice something he knew his father would enjoy explaining to him, a book I would help him understand. Sniff! So proud.

He has become fascinated with his Daddy’s obsession with the history and science programs on PBS, and loves nothing more than to watch what Daddy is interested in. He will ask me to turn it away from PBS kids stuff, to see if their is any science on!

I hope I am able to to facilitate this boy reaching his potential, he is so damn smart! It will be an absolute crime if I fail him.



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