Avi Gets His First Trip To The Shooting Range




This was a good day. I have been promising this trip for months, but timing and life’s little shitstorms kept getting in the way. He has earned it, really is responsible for his age, 7.

Now we only took a couple .22 rifles down to the range, no need to bring pistols or larger rifles, really just wanted to get the kid comfortable with both the mechanics, and the responsibilities. It really important he learn in this sort of structured environment, rather than waiting until he is older, perhaps missing out on teaching him the right way, because he learned, or played around with guns with his friends.

That, and like my parents with me, I really don’t want to get him a bb or pellet gun, which he might get himself in trouble with. I never owned a bb or pellet gun, I got a .22 rifle at about the same age, and didn’t get to use it without my fathers supervision. It taught me the responsibility, respect and common sense that is sadly lacking in averaga American gun ownership today.



I am happy to report that he was an exceptionally respectful and careful student today, and a pretty damn good shot too! Gramma, Grampa, Great Grampa, and I presume the rest of his ancestors, would be so proud. I know I am.

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