U.S. executives say that broad-based pay raises are over as automation looms – Axios

This is why it is time to sharpen the pitchforks, folks! They blatantly refuse to share in even a minuscule percentage of their massive gains over the last few decades. Now, as the people beg, they are told they are to be replaced with this centuries ‘scabs’, machines. I am no luddite, I welcome automation. I just don’t think it is an eithor or circumstance. I believe automation can be done, without making the majority of the population return to serfdom, or abject poverty.

This is their goal, to drive the common man to to a subservient caste, ruled by the elite few…

It can be stopped. Have you the courage?

They recommend that workers become more technically-skilled.
— Read on www.axios.com/broad-based-pay-rises-retraining-automation-executives-3e68d31c-51bc-4bde-a362-7ce12b039e7c.html


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