Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and CNN host, dead in apparent suicide at 61

I am absolutely crushed by this. Why are all of my hero’s dying? Seriously man, this is just tragic. I fear, that the man he had become, not the Meathead he used to be, could not take the guilt anymore, could not accept that in his youth, he was NOT someone who would be a defender of women, that his silence then became tacit acceptance of Bro Culture, Meathead Culture. That his acceptance of the Dominant Male Chef culture, as it got him where he wanted to be, had been toxic, and had done irreparable damage to perhaps hundreds of women, not by his actions, but by his inaction….

As far as I can tell, there have been no accusations against him, no reason to commit suicide to avoid punishment. Indeed, perhaps, because he had done nothing punishable, he felt worse, because.. because he hadn’t stopped it, hadn’t been the stand-up guy he should have been….. Had been given the power to do something, yet didn’t….

… Or, somebody knew that Anthony had the power, and the stories, to ruin them, and they killed him…… what a tragic mess…


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