Priorities For Choosing Where In Oregon To Move To

Some of the important parameters we are using to narrow down exactly where we want to move in Oregon, on our return. No particular order, as they are all very important.

Good Transit

we aren’t rich, and cars break down. My kid’s shouldn’t miss out on things because it is too far to walk.

Good Schools-

Not really too worried about this, coming from Arizona, almost anything will be an improvement. Doesn’t mean I am not scrutinizing, though. These kids need the opportunity to excel, not just get through.

Good Wages-

Good jobs, with industry options. Not really interested in a one industry town. I lived through the Oregon Timber Crash of the 80’s.

Decent Housing-

Not Cheap, I know it’s Oregon. I can’t afford Portland, I know that, but I’ll be damned if I am going to pay Portland prices, for anywhere else. Portland is expensive, because it’s worth it.

Reputable Childcare Options

We have three little kids, and given the cost of living in Oregon, my wife and I will both have to work, even if it is one full time and the part time. As such, shit WILL happen, and we will need childcare once and a while. Some cities, we will have family/friend connections that will help with this, but even with this, won’t forgive a location that doesn’t have other good options.

Good Healthcare/Hospital-

If we have to drive to the next town for a hospital, may as well move to that next town. Bonus points for access to VA Healthcare.

Moving Water-

This may not seem like much, but this is seriously important. We need a river, a lake, the Pacific Ocean, something! I feel as if I have robbed the kids of integral childhood activities, with this 6 years in the desert. Public pools don’t cut it, kids deserve to skip rocks, have rope swings hanging from trees on the bank, and muddy feet.

Tie Breaker.. Rainfall

Rainfall… I know I just said that I want moving water, and there has to be rainfall for that. However, I grew up in the Willamette Valley, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Portland, and as beautiful as it is, I want less rain than that! If a Willamette Valley city or town ends up in a close top 2, it won’t win if competing with Central or Southern Oregon. That being said, too little Rainfall won’t do either, we have had enough desert, so Eastern Oregon really isn’t in the running at all.

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