My Great Gramma, My Gramma, and Grampa

My Great Gramma Nettie Rose-Mitchell, was quite a character, as I am sure you can see in these pictures. My Mom took this, circa 1962, she was about 16 at the time. That is my Gramma Mildred, in the middle and my Grampa Melvin Rose, Nettie’s son.

Great Gramma had this cute little house in Capitola, I think. We always referred to it as the house in Santa Cruz, but I am pretty sure it was actually in Capitola.

I just remember that the place was virtually overgrown with flowers, of every shape size and color, and that it was tiny, even for my 8 year old eyes. It was beautiful though, cozy. It was also close wnough to the Boardwalk, that us kids could run down the hill to it, and our parents weren’t worried about us. Doubt it is that safe today, it certainly didn’t look to be, last time I was there, in 1988.

In fact, I remember that a number of the boardwalk workers knew who I was, and who my gramma was, when we went there. Idyllic days, for sure.


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