Yeah, I Am A Stay At Home Dad

stay at home dad

being a stay at home dad is rough

I mean The looks,

the mutters

When people realize

You dont have a job

That you are

The babysitter

The lazy video game playing

slacker dad

Not only is it not true

But i would say

Those that feel this way

Also devalue women’s

Ability to do

Valuable work

To this day.

And I mean Men

and women alike

If a woman devalues

A mans contribution

as a Stay at home parent

She devalues

stay at home


en todo

Thus invalidating

The hard work

that women Do ,

and have done,

since the beginning of time

And let me tell you,

It is hard work

It is amazingly hard

It is monotonous


Filled with poop


Scum and mold

Stinky laundry

Moldy dishes

And food

hidden in places

never designed for

the concealing of food

When people look at you

like you are

mooching off your woman

are you lazy

or what?

I want to howl

No, I am struggling

To simply be


Struggling to

Keep from failing


And your

short sighted judgement

Isn’t helping.


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