Be Outraged, Make The Complacent Uncomfortable, Do The Right Thing, Before You Cannot

My wife gets concerned about how much fb pisses me off as of late, and I get it, she is right. It does get me agitated, and sometimes less than fun to be around.

I feel bad about this, and yet…. I think of all those German Citizens during WWII, that got too busy, were too scared, to stand up. Were told to just let it be, there is nothing you can do about it, told, “it is what it is”… this failure, as we all know, led to one of the greatest tragedies in Modern History.

Maybe , if I didn’t have kids, little kids, I could be more nonchalant, more justified in saying this doesn’t concern me. Maybe, I would be doing more than shouting from the rooftops. I don’t know. I do know, that what if’s aside, I DO have small children. I have a responsibility to protect them. To try to make this world, if not safe for them, at least reasonably navigable, not some horror story straight out of our history books.

I also need to set a good example, to model for them, that moral outrage needs to be spoken, not pushed down. To teach them, as my Father taught me, that we must always do the right thing, even if it is to our detriment. The right thing, is still the right thing. In fact, the true test of a moral man, is when he does the right thing, when there is no benefit in doing so. Only then, can you be certain ulterior motives, or personal benefit, were not the motivation.

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