Ooh Wee, Did I let My Pendejo Out To Play Last Night On Some Faux News Acolytes, And Pepe Sporting Troglodytes

#fauxnews #releasethependejo

Ooh wee, did I let my Pendejo out to play last night! Had a couple of troglodyte fascists trying to play troll on a couple of my “hatebook” posts yesterday afternoon and evening, and I just let them happen. I took their bait, then strangled them with the line, metaphorically speaking.

Gotta say, it was absolutely liberating, to be intellectually pimp slapping boot licking fascist’s, and pepe sporting monosyllabic trolls. like the fun ya get fishing in a stocked pond with the kids.

Felt like an intellectual ninja, battling old school zombies, the slow ones. It felt good… Really good… bouncing from post to post, dropping knowledge, insults and insecurity causing evaluations with every slap of the send button. the ones that gave up on winning with their Trumpleton Faux News talking points, tried to go low road, sexual innuendo, and I showed them this intellectual can cut heads down in the mud and the muck too..

I know, don’t stoop….. But you know what? Fuck that. I am tired, sick and fucking tired of these low brow bullies and their “Murica” White Nationalist bullshit.. and it was fun!

Oh yes, believe I will be doing it again, it was cathartic, cleansing and an all around good time, for me at least… I am sure a couple of them are still pounding there heads against the wall, masturbating to pictures of their sister while crying…. and i am cool with that too. Bitches.

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