Frozen Cereal, Who Knew?

Had an accidental stroke of Dad brilliance today. My boys had enthusiastically said yes to cereal this morning. So, getting ahead of myself, i fixed a bowl for baby sister too. Of course, this meant she didn’t want it. Unfortunately, The milk and cereal were already in the bowl, so if she didn’t eat it, it would be wasted.

Now wasting food really crinkles my shorts, I freakin’ hate it. We are poor man, and wasting food is morally repugnant, even if we weren’t.

So, being irritated about it, I put the bowl in the freezer, figuring, she would be hungry later, and I would see if I couldn’r coerce her into eating it.

So I put it in the freezer, and promptly forgot it. By the time I got back to it, it was frozen solid. I looked at it, and figured, hell, she is 2 and a half, she won’t know any better. She probably isnt going to eat it anyway, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try.

So I bring it out, and give it to little sister, and of course, she turns up her nose, not interested. The boys however, are intrigued. What is that, they both say in there own way, but almost in unison, they say, in answer to their own question, “Ice cream?”.

I tell them it is frozen milk and cereal, so kinda like ice cream. Now the five year old is interested, but the 7 year old isn’t sold. I break off a piece for the five year old, and he tenatively starts to nibble on it. The 7 year old, however, has to be told to try it. You know, that Dad voice, “oh dammit just try it.”

So he does, and what do you know, they both like it, and are quickly reaching for more of it… now this has sisters interest, and suddenly, not only does she want some, she isn’t sure she wants to share it with their brothers.

So now I have a whole new dilemna… Now I have to make three more bowls, and these kids really dont understand the concept of how long it takes to freeze things… sigh…

I do have a new low cost dessert for these kids now though, maybe you do too.


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