Nicolai Tesla

Rare color photo of one of my all time hero’s, Nicolai Tesla. He was, interestingly enough, someone who my father, after I kind of turned him onto the guy, was quite fascinated with as well. I remember the excitement in Dad’s voice when we would talk about Tesla, how impressed he was. ANd, how happy I was when I brought him books on the man… Yeah, books, Me and Dad sure had that in common…

Crazy that Dad was pretty much illiterate when I was born. Not that he couldn’t read, he just had never really taken to it, he dropped out of school at 15. That all changed when he became a dad. Swore I was going to be better off in that department than him, kindled, in himself, a passion for reading, while he was teaching me to do so.

He was a quick study, became voracious quite quickly. Good thing, i could read the front page of the daily newspaper by the time i was 5! Somebody had to explain to me what i was reading… Viet nam was going on, after all, and trust me, it was all over the papers of the day…


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