We All have THAT relative. Mine Is Richard A ‘Mutt’ Rose

Up until a few days ago, Myself and Mutt, had corresponded about genealogy, old pictures of our ancestors, and the trains our ancestors worked on, during the Westward Expansion of these United States. Their work was integral to the connectedness of North America, to this day, and was something both of us are quite proud of.

Now Mutt is almost 75, and I am 50. We are 2nd cousins, once removed, my great, great grandfather, is hhis grandfather, one Alexander Hamilton Rose. This cousinship, and the misconception most people have as to how to calculate relatedness, is probably what turned Mutt so hateful, turned him into an internet troll.

You see, Mutt was misinformed about how to calculate cousinship, and though he didn’t say it at the time, I think he took offense at being corrected by a mere whippersnapper of a 50 year old. He is one of those stubborn know it all, when they actually know very little, types, I have since found out from other cousins that grew up with him.

I should have seen it coming, in retrospect, but I didn’t. He was pretty stubborn, arguing with me online that we were 4th cousins, not 2nd cousins, once removed

It all started innocently enough. I held my ground, and proved him wrong in his method of calculating cousinship, when talking about genealogy. His error was a common one, and I was quite respectful and understanding, while trying to educate him in the proper way to calculate it.

I know of that which I speak in this department, having hundreds of hours of genealogy research and education. My mother had been the foremost authority on our Rose Family genealogy, and I inherited not only her research and passion for the topic, but have extended, by hundreds of years, her research. I also, over the years, educated her on some of the finer points of the science, and the new field of Genealogical DNA research

Now I had no acrimony for him, I understand the older generation, and their stubbornness. I walked on egg shells while correcting him, I truly wanted to maintain a connection, so as to help he and his family with their own family trees. Unfortunately, proving him wrong, in a semi public forum, set his fragile ego a boil, and over the last three days, it came to a head, with him trolling my posts incessently, posts that had nothing to do with genealogy. sad really…

Now, online, specifically posting to Rose family members, he has talked shit about me, lied, bold facedly, about my relationship with my Mother, and the Mormon church as a whole…. talk about sore loser. Unfortunately, his petualent behavior will have negative effects on my relationship with that branch of the family. all because he doesn’t really have a thirst for knowlege, he just wants to bully his way to being right, even when wrong.

It really was ridiculous, he just kept coming at me, post after post. We had never discussed politics, or commented on each others posts, except when about genealogy. I was grateful to be in touch with him, to be truthful. He has alot of pictures of my grandfathers family, and lots of info about how they lived. What their occupations were, etc.

WE had been friends at least 6 months, maybe a year…. then I corrected him.

Sad really. I tried reasoning with him, asked him to stop trolling. Then I unfollowed him, but he kept on. He was really pissing me off, so I admit, I took the gloves off, intellectually speaking. But like a punchy boxer, he kept lumbering in for more. I unfriended him, and quieted down for a few hours,thought it was over.

But no, he had to start in on his grammatically atrocious expertise on breast feeding, ala Trump. I lost it, and finally blocked him, first time I have done that to a family member.

Was that enough? No… He then publicly maligned me to all family members he could reach, and the general public. So, here we are, me putting him on blast, if you will…..

Below I have posted the comment streams… crazy shit, really… not really in order, nor all of them, but I think you will get the idea…

I thinkDementia is going to be a problem of epidemic proportions in the near future… Hell, seems that it already is…

This is what my douchenozzel cousin Mutt Rose, publicly posted about me, after I blocked him for being a troll, and ignorant fuck, on my page……

Heres what he posted

Alert Alert Alert Alert Alert Alert

If any of the Rose Family and Friends gets a post from a distant cousin Alan Madden-Rose, be careful of what you say or do. He is a Mormon male, dominate over women with a “Greater Than Thou Art” attitude over anyone that disagrees with him. He is an extremist, fascists, foul mouth, leftist (Liberal) having comments below the Rose Family dignity. His post are usually extreme political, denouncing anything – anyone conservative. His mother was Jackie Rose-Madden, a very civil and caring person. She was a go-to professional genealogist that many of the Rose Family used for reference. She passed away with cancer a few years ago. He was not civil to his mother and neither could condone one another. I often wondered why she seldom mentioned her children during our conversations, now I know why. That’s not the Mormon way of life, especially with the Father-in-Law or Grandfather influence. There is another title for that person but I am not a Mormon therefore I do not know his dominate commanding title. An influential Father or Grandfather rubs off on a descendant. Alan mentioned the title a time or two but I forgot. Just beware and guard your feelings, don’t argue, ignore him or befriend him on Facebook. Beware, Beware, that is my story and I am sticking with it..

I will give him credit for one feat, he is very knowledgeable when it comes to the Rose Genealogy – Ancestry Family Tree. Mainly, to his access of the Mormon Church Library Genealogy Data Base. That has limited access to Mormons only.


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