Homeschooling Cross Pollination, Ring Nebula #homeschoolhighlights

Todays work in science, as the boy calls it, was dealing with the sun, stars, and how they are made up, what their properties are.

So, later in the day, when I decided to turn him loose on an art project for the after noon, I handed him some supplemental materials to his earlier science homework. He had been going through the book, at his leisure, and I noticed him stop for a long time on a paticular space scape.I asked him if it was his favorite picture in the book, and if he would like to draw it. He said he liked the picture alot, but had another one that he wanted to try to drawHe leafed through the book until he got to some pictures of nebulas, and said that is what he wanted to draw.So I set him loose, with some simple size and positioning parameters on the page, and let him go. He started with pencil for positioning, then did them in crayon. After that, he went back with some felt tip marker. Pretty damn good for a seven yer old.


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