Avi’s First Movie Review, “Coraline” #homeschoolhighlights

Decided this would be a good way to introduce the boy to the idea of book reports, and proving you remember what it was you read or heard. I think he did really good. I helped him formulate it, but it really was info that he retained and regurgitated.


The movie I watched was about a girl (that)moved to a new town in Oregon. The house was really old, and had a magic door to a mirror world.

This mirror world was ruled by a spider queen that used magic to look like Coraline’s mom. She calls herself the ‘other mother’.

She traps children in her world with magic. Coraline gets trapped and must save the other kids so she can escape.

She does this with the help of her friend Wybie and a talkining cat.

She learns that her real parents are much better than the evil queen.


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