If You Ask Hafez..

you ask your question

Of the man who’s palm is packed

with square paper notes, folded.

The face is chiseled, worn.

The hand, strong and gnarled.

He also has a bird

Plucking at the notes.

Question asked

The little tiny bird

picks the folded paper note,

one of hundreds,

crisp and delicate

from the mans hand

The man, is illiterate

Cannot read

The beautiful little note

The bird has chosen for you

The delicate little papers

Are hand written quotes

From the famous poet.

as such, the answer

To your question

Is the note

The little bird plucked

Frenetical yet methodic

From the man’s hand


Is life,

I mean really,

any less capricious?

Perhaps Poetry

is the answer

Not the poem

The act of poetry


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