Trump Bootlicker Gets Lumped By Mike Ness Of Social Distortion

16 or 60, The rules of punk rock, still apply.

You get lumped in the pit, you don’t cry.

Especially if you stood there, for two full songs, calling a motherfucker out, daring him to lump you.

You dont cry, there are a whole lot of things you may do, some good, some bad, etc, but you do NOT cry. This is Punk Rock. And in Punk Rock, calling the cops, is crying. Follow dude outside, plot revenge, etc, etc. But you DO NOT call the cops. If the cops are called by others, you know nothing, saw nothing, fer chis’ sake man, this is Punk Rock! Justice is yours to seek, in the pit or out, not the freakin cops!

Punk Rockers Don’t Call coppers!

The very idea and design of “The Pit” would fill the jails of every town, every night there was a Punk show, if normal assault laws were enforced. The Pit, Moshing, Slam dancing, whatever you call it, IS assault, pure and simple. Oh, it is done in dance form, but most interactions/collisions in a Mosh pit, would be considered assault, or at least highly offensive and rude contact, were they to happen on the public side walk.

Calling the cops for getting a lumping you were begging for, is beyond fucking crying, it’s a full blown tantrum, and if this dude ever did have his “Punk Rock” card, it is hereby freakin revoked!

Seriously, This guy went to a Punk Rock show, to see a punk rock icon. This a punk rock event, so punk rock rules presumably apply. This punk rock icon had a platform, a punk rock icon platform, and he chose to use it to full advantage, in full punk rock style.

This dude, presumably knowing he was at a punk rock show, seeing a punk rock icon, witnessing said punk rock icon speak pasionately about something the patron disagreed with, chose to be punk rock himself, presumably, and manifested his displeasure in a vulgar, and quite personal, not at all general manner. A punk rock manner. Not only did he do it, he did it for two full songs, taunting, calling him out.

How could Mike continue to legitimately be a punk rock icon without a response?

I would argue that said yokel knew exactly what he was doing, and knew, that he could possible provoke a response, and that would mean a paycheck, getting assaulted by someone famous..,, He just might not have been counting on getting the beating he got before security could extricate him.

Social Distortion Frontman Mike Ness Accused Of Attacking Trump Supporter


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