My Forward Thinking Dad, Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization of Marijuana, and Legalization of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana, Decriminalization of Marijuana, Legalization of Marijuana

Hard to believe that my dad was 40 years ahead of the times on this point. He refused to violate his parolees for Marijuana use, unless distribution of Marijuana was their specific crime, and even then, it wasn’t a given. In fact, he regularly encouraged his parolees to smoke marijuana, rather than drink alcohol or use harder drugs, meth and alcohol being the real problems, in his opinion. He would tell them” Smoke pot, if you just gotta have a head change man. I will never send you back to prison for coming up hot for marijuana on a piss test” He would that up with” now, you come up hot for Meth, I will violate you in a second, and you will be sending yourself back to prison, not me.” he was serious about this, passionate even. That being said, he was not a hypocrite. As long as he had to tell anyone they couldn’t, he didn’t. No bull, not like many hypocritical cops, lawyers, judges and such. However, one week after he retired, he called me up, and said, “Hey buddy, it’s been 30 years since your dad has smoked any weed, I am retired now. When ya gonna bring your old man some weed?” I almost dropped the phone.. But, laughing to the point of tears, I told him I would be down the next day. I show up at his house the next day(he lived 120 miles away) with a whole damn ounce for him! He tried to pay me, but I wouldn’t hear of it. Couldn’t have done it in good conscience anyway. Since I was getting two ounces from my guy instead of my normal one, my guy asked what was up. When I told him who it was for, he wouldn’t let me pay for it. He was a good friend, had met my dad long before, and had even hung out with me and pop numerous times, talking books, and such. No, when he found out it was for my Dad, he wouldn’t let me pay for it either, said it was on him. I could pay for mine, but dad’s was free… Said no way was he charging my Dad for weed, especially since it had been 30 years…. he was just so jazzed to be hooking my dad up. Yeah, dad was a good guy….

Brooklyn Judge Vows Not to Send People Back to Prison for Smoking Marijuana

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