The Breakup

yer sweet,

but yer a straight boy, lover..

yer just slummin’ honey,

and I know it…..

no, no,

you would never hurt me,


I know you would try to love me…

you would never hurt me physically,

and yet

you would devastate me ,

break my poor heart

into millions of un reasemblable pieces,

falling through my fingers

like the shards of a lightbulb

No Sugar,

When some pretty girl

comes along,

comes along

and sees what you are…

How sweet,

how true,

how pretty you are…

then she would steal you away,

to that life

my loins will not allow..

oh, we can pretend,


but these loins

will never be a womb…..

I am a woman,

more or less,

hell I can even adopt a child…

Lord knows!

but I can never have your child sugar….

and you know,

you know

children are in your future,


You know

your family won’t have it any other way.

No sugar,

we got to end this,

end this

while we are still having fun..

before anybody really starts to care….


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