De-Evolution to Idiocracy #itsgotelectrolytes

Did Nietsche have a point? was he onto something? Perhaps he got the split in the human race correct, but assumed, wrongly, that some group would prove themselves superior, some branch would rise above, would evolve away from the mass, the majority, would be an improvement, would be UberMan

But what if, what if the split is one of devolution, not evolution?

What if the split is a group, consciously or not, perpetuating negative genetics, or nexative ideals and philosophies which lead to environmental or self caused disasters. That this split, might be more zombie like than Uber Man type. Not the zombies of movie fame mind you, more, philosophical, warriors of the wasteland type zombies.

Perhaps this will be the fateful slide of the Trumpian Nationalist, and Nationalists everywhere. They will really drink the koolaid, someway, somehow, maybe certain conspiracy theorists will finally be right, and it will be some sort of inoculation gone haywire.

No matter what the end travesty, no matter what manifestation of Idiocracy we get, I have researched some prospective nomenclatures for the devolved sub species…

Homo Fasces,

Homo Discipulus,

homo Stultus,

Homo Morus

“It’s got electrolytes!”


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